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law office of jefrey n ivashuk in Fort LauderdaleFor over 20 years Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney Jeffrey N. Ivashuk has helped clients throught the state of Florida retain their legal rights, and he can help you too!

Attorney Ivashuk understands that injuries & accidents can happen suddenly and without warning. Sometimes these circumstances can have a major affect on your life, financially, physically or both and can seem like the end of the world you once knew. We specialize in helping people get their lives back. The reality is unforseen events can and often do have a devestating effect on not only you but your family. We can help!

We have represented hundreds of Floridians who have their lives turned upside down because of a tragic event. We believe that the only way to protect you and your rights is through dedicated and aggresive representation. We are not scared to take on the insurance companies and have had great success in cases that involve both large and small settlements.

If you or a loved on is dealing with a tragic and/or unavoidable event that leaves you feeling powerless call JNI Law today and let us be the advocate to protect your rights. We ensure you receive the kind of financial compensation & assistance you deserve to get your life back on track all while being treated fairly. We are dedicated to you and your legal rights.

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JNI Law is a unique personal injury law firm who offers compassion and intimacy you deserve. We dedicate personal attention, time and resources that you need to help ensure your case is settled in a timely & fair manner. Whether we are facing down at the negotiating table or in the courtroom you can rest assured our experience will be put to work for you!

We believe that in order to recieve justice you need to recieve fair compensation. We are dedicated to your welfare and are very pationate about your legal rights. We believe that you should be treated fairly. We get to know you, understand your story and what exactly happened in your case so we can help you make things right. Our record tells a story of our success, let us put our success and experience to work for you!

We are located at: 727 NE 3rd Ave #201, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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Mr. Ivanshuk explained very thoroughly the situation, the options and the possible outcomes. He also explained how the events would happen in court making...
Jeff did an excellent job for me, i violated my probation and a warrant was issued for my arrest. He kept me out of jail and got the warrant dismissed.
I was referred to Jeffrey through a few friends as he has worked with several of us. He is great to work with, flexible and knows how to get the job done...